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  1. Anonymous said: Me and my daddy are long distance and he asked me to write down rules.. I'm confused as to if they are his rules for me or what I expect his rules to be it like my rules for him. Im to shy to talk to him about it and u would like someone input. Tank yew(^^)

    They should be his rules for you whether it’s protocols, expectations, or things for your well-being.

    For example, some of my rules are like this:

    • If I am asked of something that I don’t feel comfortable doing I am to speak up and we will find a compromise.
    • I’m not allowed to put myself down in any way.
    • I am to always do my best. Striving for perfection is silly but striving to be the best I can for Daddy is what he asks of me.

    While others are like:

    • Always be ready for Daddy’s use. Inspections will be put in place and I am to comply.
    • I am not allowed to be touched sexually by others without Daddy’s approval first.

    So you can see that my rules vary.

    Your Daddy should decide what’s best for you, but you can have a say in it depending on your power exchange. A lot of littles tend to have rules set for them similar to what a parent would give their child, like bed times. Sometimes reward charts are established too to promote and congratulate good behavior, while punishments are meant to correct wrongs.

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